The Holy Family

Commentary Theme for the feast of The Holy Family: Year C. “We Are All Children Of God’s Family.” The first reading could be called “Hannah’s Story” as it is told from her perspective and unfolds from her initiative. Hannah offers up her long awaited and much loved son to God for ‘service for life’, acknowledging … [Read more…]

4th Sunday of Advent: Year C

Commentary Theme for 4th Sunday of Advent: Year C. “The Power of God Manifests Itself Through Weakness.” “God normally chooses the poor and weak to fulfil his work”. In the first reading Micah tells us that the Lord will behave just as he always did: he will not have the Saviour come from a great … [Read more…]

3rd Sunday of Advent: Year C

Commentary Theme for 3rd Sunday of Advent: Year C. “The Gospel: A Proclamation Of Joy.” It is important for Christians to keep well in mind that the Gospel is not a heavy burden to add to the many we already have to carry in life. It is instead a proclamation of joy and happiness. Its … [Read more…]

2nd Sunday on Advent: Year C

  Commentary Theme for 2nd Sundayof Advent: Year C. “He Comes To Bring Salvation To Every Person.” The readings of today speak of the merciful interventions of God in favour of humankind  In the first reading God’s salvation is manifested through the return of the exiled Jews to their beloved Jerusalem.  In the second reading … [Read more…]

1st Sunday of Advent: Year C

Commentary Theme for 1st Sunday of Advent: Year C. “Raise Your Heads, Your Liberation Is Close At Hand!” “Advent” means “coming” and the three readings of this first Sunday of Advent speak of comings, the “Lord’s coming”. In the first reading God promises to send an “upright branch” of the family of David, who will … [Read more…]

Solemnity of ‘Christ the King’: Year B.

Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “A Kingdom That Is Not Of This World.”   Today, all the readings speak of the ‘Kingdom of God’ and of Christ.  The first and the second readings tell us that the ‘Kingdom of God’ will begin at the time all other earthly kingdoms begin to disappear; these worldly kingdoms … [Read more…]

33rd Sunday Ordinary Time: Year B

Commentary Theme for 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time: Year B. “Have Courage, Liberation Is Near!” There is a proverb that goes: no night is so long and dark that it has no dawn. In the life of the Church, of the world, of a nation, of every man and woman, no situation is so dramatic … [Read more…]

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time B

Commentary Theme for 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time: Year B. “Two Widows Who Gave Everything.” As long as our lessons to catechumens and new Christians speak only of prayers, ceremonies, feasts and the need to make some offerings to God, everybody listens attentively and seems fully committed. The first reading and the Gospel of today … [Read more…]

Feast of All Saints

Commentary Theme for “Feast of All Saints”, “Called to be Holy.” We have not come from nothing in order to return to nothing. God does not play about with his creatures; he has a plan for each one of us, our ‘Final Destiny’. Today’s readings reveal the divine plan that God has for us: he … [Read more…]

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time : Year B

Commentary Theme for 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Year B.  “Enlightened to Follow Christ.”  The first reading describes the journey of the ‘blind’ people of Israel from slavery to freedom. God himself is their guide.  The second reading contains words of consolation for those who, after receiving the ‘light’ of Christ, follow the Master along … [Read more…]