Sunday Evening Mass Survey

Sunday Evening Mass Survey PPC has been conducting a Survey regarding the Sunday evening mass as attendance at the has been falling off for a long time The and currently is consistently in the region of 50 persons. The PPC would like to establish whether there is any justification for continuing this mass, which currently … [Read more…]

Renew- Word of Mouth Campaign

Season III of Renew Africa is upon us. Three months have passed since Season II ended. We plead with you to start talking to members in your group and stimulate interest and enthusiasm for Season III. Planned initiatives to get us ready to kick off Season III are: Second and third round of Training for … [Read more…]

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

20thSunday in Ordinary Time – Year C. Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “The Prophet: A Bothersome Man.” The first reading gives the example of Jeremiah, a timid and sensible man that God entrusts with proclaiming a hard-hitting message that goes against the wishes and options of the king and the army generals. Jeremiah was persecuted, … [Read more…]

International Day- 27th October

The Parish Pastoral council has scheduled an International Day here at Maryvale on the 27th of October 2013 after the 9.00am mass which will be the only Community mass on the day International Day at Maryvale is a social event organised by the parish primarily to bring parishioners together within a social atmosphere to interact … [Read more…]

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary– Year C.  Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “The Lord did great Things in her Life.” The world is a battlefield where the ‘forces of death’ and the ‘forces of life’ engage each other. It is easy to see that in many cases the forces of death seem to have … [Read more…]

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C.  Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “A God Who Is Faithful To His Promises.” The Lord has assured us of his salvation and that his Word will be fulfilled. The first reading shows the people of Israel looking back at their history and discovering how God has always … [Read more…]

Parish Expo.

Sometimes the complaint is heard-” I come to church every Sunday but I don’t know anyone ” It is often particularly hard for newcomers, The fact of the matter is that we want to feel as if we are a part of a community, we cialis 5 mg tabletcialis generic free samples packsonline pharmacy affiliate … [Read more…]

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C.  Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “Hoarding Treasure For Oneself: This Is Sheer Madness!” What does the term ‘rich’ remind us of?   A happy person, with a beautiful house, a new car, many servants, who can get whatever he or she wants and go where he or she … [Read more…]


Fr Simon reports…Extraordinary Vigil of Prayer with about four million other young people on Rio’s giant Copocabana beach…waves behind us, helicopters circling above us with helicopter crews. Hard to capture this atmosphere. It is dark and the Holy Father is arriving. Live Cologne it mirror it. On generic celebrex my a from out which waterproof, … [Read more…]