2019 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time Year C

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‘God Loves You; Rest in His Embrace’ – Heart of Pope’s Message at Interfaith Youth Gathering in Mozambique

 Warns Against Resignation & Anxiety, Calling Them ‘Great Enemies of Life’

 SEPTEMBER 05, 2019 19:46

 “Let me leave you with one last thought,” Pope Francis told the young people: “God loves you.”

“For him, you have worth; you are not insignificant,” he said, noting: “you are important to Him, for you are the work of His hands. That is why He is concerned about you and looks to you with affection.”

Francis told them to trust the memory of God.

“His memory is a heart filled with tender compassion, one that finds joy in ‘deleting’ from us every trace of evil. He does not keep track of your failings and He always helps you learn something even from your mistakes.”

This is “because He loves you.” The Holy Father told them to try to keep still for a moment and let themselves feel His love. “Try to silence all the noise within, and rest for a second in His loving embrace”

The Holy Father warned against resignation and anxiety,” calling them “great enemies of life,” and told the young people: “don’t let yourselves be robbed of joy.”

“Be able to create social friendship,” the Pope encouraged them. It’s about “leaving differences aside to fight together for a common thing . . . to seek points of coincidence among the numerous differences . . . to dream together,” he added.

“The most beautiful things are done with time and, and if you don’t succeed in something on the first attempt, don’t be afraid to try again, and many more times,” he exhorted again.

“Don’t be afraid to make a mistake! We can err a thousand times but let’s not commit the error of stopping, because there are things that don’t succeed on the first attempt. The worst error would be to abandon, out of anxiety, the dreams and the determination for a better country.”

“God loves you,” said the Pope at the end of his address, “with an ‘almost silent, discreet’ love. “He doesn’t crush, or impose Himself; it’s not a noisy or exhibitionist love; it’s a love of freedom . . . which learns more to redress than to make one fall, to reconcile than to prohibit, to give new chances than to command, to look at the future more than the past.”


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