2020 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time

Parish Bulletin

Further clarity on the opening Maryvale Parish on Wednesday 2nd September:

1. The restriction of 50 people in the hall will be strictly observed and nobody above that number will be allowed into the hall.
2. The car park will allow people to sit in their cars and listen to mass should they wish to remain after the 50 have occupied the hall as speakers will be placed outside.
3. Limited seats will be provided for those arriving on foot that may wish to listen to mass outside.
4. All sanitization, masks and safety protocols will be observed.
5. Fr Tony has catered for 4 masses over the weekend as well as two weekday masses each day so people have the opportunity to attend at least one mass a week.
6. It is important to remember that this is NOT a return to normal mass conditions but a decision taken under the current lockdown levels of the Covid pandemic.
7. 50 is the max number and it will be on a first come basis.
8. Fr Tony is available should anybody want direct clarity from him. 

POPE’S GENERAL AUDIENCE: ‘Christian Hope, Rooted in God, Is Our Anchor’  

Taken from https://zenit.org/2020/08/26/pope-at-general-audience-christian-hope-trusting-in-christs-transforming-grace-impels-us-pursue-worlds-healing-more-just-social-order/

None of us can stand by idly …. Christian hope, through Christ’s transforming Grace, impels us to work for the healing of our world and the building of a more just and equitable social order…

Pope Francis gave this reminder during his private General Audience, streamed from inside his Apostolic Library, as he continued his catechesis on healing the world.

Addressing English speakers on the current global pandemic, he lamented that our world’s problems are becoming “ever more evident and indeed more serious.”

“Among these is social inequality,” he said, calling it “the fruit of an unjust global economy that creates boundless wealth for a relative few and greater impoverishment for the rest of our human family.”

“In God’s plan,” he noted, “the earth was created as a garden, to be cultivated, not brutally exploited.”

As stewards of creation, the Pope said, we are called to ensure that its fruits, which are destined for all, are in fact shared by all. The Church, the Pontiff added, reminds us that the principle of the subordination of private property to the universal destination of goods is the first principle of the whole ethical and social order.

“None of us can stand by idly,” he said, “when millions of people lack access to primary goods, when inequality and lack of opportunity threaten the very fabric of society, and when greed endangers the very environment in which we live.”

“Christian hope, which trusts in the transforming grace of the risen Christ,” he said, “impels us to work for the healing of our world and the building of a more just and equitable social order.

Maryvale Parish Notices

Opening of Maryvale Catholic Church.  Mass will be celebrated in the hall (50 people) and sound projected in the car park.


  • Wear a face mask to and throughout mass
  • Sanitize hands at the entrance to the hall
  • Fill in personal details list
  • Observe/keep social distance at all times (2m all round)


               Weekday Morning Mass – Mon to Sat 07h00 / 7am

               Weekday Evening Mass – Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri       18h00 / 6pm

                    Weekend Mass             –         Sat 17h30 / 5:30pm

Sun 08h00 / 10h00 / 17h30


Public confession with public absolution at ALL weekend masses


Should you need to contact Fr Tony use the office phone number – 011 640 3154 or visit the office

Maryvale parishioners are encouraged to join the Online Alpha offered by Bryanston Parish

See more here https://www.facebook.com/alphabryanstoncc/ 

Alpha Online – 9 September @ 7:30pm  

Do you have questions about Life and Faith. Why not join us on our next Alpha Online starting on 9 September at 19h30.
Alpha runs once a week over 12 weeks. It’s an opportunity to come and explore life’s big questions about life and faith. It’s a place where you can really dig into and discuss those questions that may be difficult to discuss in other places. We meet each week, listen to an engaging talk, and then meet in small discussion groups to have a casual conversation. 
We encourage everyone to invite 5 people to join us on this journey. Alpha is a great way to invite family and friends to explore or understand the basics of Christianity in a casual and non judgemental environment. If you have people in your life who no longer go to church, or do not know Jesus. Please invite them to attend Online Alpha.


 Beatrice is continuing RCIA classes online.  Anyone who would like to join the class should message or phone her on  082 450 4798

We appeal to our parishioners to continue donating to the parish and we suggest that your contributions be paid directly into the Parish Bank Account.  The Parish banking details are as follows:  Bank – Standard Bank     Acc Name – Maryvale Catholic Church     Acc Number – 001832670     Branch = 004105

https://www.catholicjhb.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/AD-News-Aug-2020.pdf  for the August 2020 AdNews





The Angelus

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pray at 6am, noon and 6pm. Alternatively, download the Angelus App (set the times that you would like to be reminded in settings):
Angelus App on Android      Praying the Angelus by Magnificat  on iphones


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