2020 5th Sunday Easter

Parish Bulletin

Pope Francis: Day of Prayer and Fasting and Works of Charity on Thursday May 14, 2020

The Pope has accepted the proposal of the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity so that on May 14 believers of all religions unite spiritually in a Day of Prayer and Fasting and Works of Charity, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic. “Remember: May 14, all believers together, believers of different traditions, to pray, fast, and do works of charity.”

‘Prayer Is the Breath of Faith’ — Pope’s Reminder at General Audience 

Appeals for Prayer to Blessed Virgin, so that Through Her Intervention, the Lord Grant the World Mercy & Peace

The Holy Father began a new series of catecheses on prayer, noting that it is “a cry that arises from the hearts of those who trust in God.”

Exhorting all faithful to embrace their prayer life, the Pope appealed that during these painful times, we amplify our prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The English summary:

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we begin a new series of catechesis on prayer. Prayer is the breath of faith, a cry arising from the hearts of those who trust in God. We see this in the story of Bartimaeus, the beggar from Jericho. Though blind, he is aware that Jesus is approaching, and perseveres in calling out: “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” (Mk 10:47). By using the phrase “Son of David”, he makes a profession of faith in Jesus the Messiah. In response the Lord invites Bartimaeus to express his desire, which is to be able to see again. Christ then tells him: “Go; your faith has saved you” (v. 52). This indicates that faith is a cry for salvation attracting God’s mercy and power. It is not only Christians who pray but all men and women who search for meaning on their earthly journey.  As we continue on our pilgrimage of faith, may we, like Bartimaeus, always persevere in prayer, especially in our darkest moments, and ask the Lord with confidence: “Jesus have mercy on me. Jesus, have mercy on us!”.


Sandra Quarsingh, member of the SVdP at Maryvale has sent out this message: “Good morning my brothers and sisters. Please let us SVdP know if you know anyone in need of food. We are doing food parcels and would like to render our assistance. God bless” Her contact number is 0833075175

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The Angelus

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pray at 6am, noon and 6pm. Alternatively, download the Angelus App (set the times that you would like to be reminded in settings):
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