2020 Maryvale 29th Sunday OT

Parish Bulletin

POPE FRANCIS  GENERAL AUDIENCE  The prayer of the Psalms.   

Wednesday, 14 October 2020


As we read the Bible, we continually come across prayers of various types. But we also find a book made up solely of prayers, a book that has become the native land, gymnasium and home of countless men and women of prayer. It is the Book of Psalms. There are 150 Psalms to pray.

………………….. Summary of the Holy Father’s words:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, in our continuing catechesis on prayer, we now turn to the Book of Psalms, which can be considered a great treasury of prayers. The Psalms teach us to pray to God in words that he himself has given us. In them, we encounter the entire gamut of human emotions, from praise, petition and joyful thanksgiving to anguished supplication for deliverance from life’s bitter disappointments and sorrows. The Psalms teach us that God is not deaf to our prayers, especially those that arise from a broken heart and a troubled spirit. The Psalmist’s repeated cry, “How long, Lord?”, is itself an acknowledgment that, amid our every trail and tribulation, God hears our voice and never abandons us. As a loving Father, he weeps for our sufferings in this world, yet in his wisdom he has a saving plan for each of us. The Psalms are thus a guide to growth in the practice of prayer. They open our hearts to ever deeper hope in God’s providential care; they confirm our trust in his promises, and they inspire us to persevere on our life-long journey of faith in his word.

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The Angelus

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