2020 Maryvale Trinity Sunday

Parish Bulletin

 Kind words from Fr Tony Nunes

“Hold onto your faith.  Continue praying for yourselves, others and for an end to the coronavirus.” 

Should you need to contact Fr Tony use the office phone number – 011 640 3154

 Beatrice is continuing RCIA classes online.  Anyone who would like to join the class should message or phone her on  082 450 4798

We appeal to our parishioners to continue donating to the parish and we suggest that your contributions be paid directly into the Parish Bank Account.  The Parish banking details are as follows:  Bank – Standard Bank     Acc Name – Maryvale Catholic Church     Acc Number – 001832670     Branch = 004105

Paulines bookshop is again open.

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The Popes and Martin Luther King’s dream

Extract from Alessandro Gisotti  https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2020-06/popes-martin-luther-king-dream-usa-george-floyd.html

The tragic death of George Floyd has dramatically shown that Martin Luther King’s dream is still far from being fully realized.

Yet the historic I have a dream speech, delivered by the leader of the civil rights movement on 28 August 1963 – 57 years ago – continues to resound in the mouths and hearts of those who demand justice and dignity for the African-American community and, along with it, for all minorities of all time.

That “dream”, which has its roots in the Gospel and in the liberating power of God’s love, has found great allies in successive Popes………………

On Capitol Hill, Pope Francis delivered a speech on the spirit of the United States, noting that “A nation can be considered great when (…) it fosters a culture which enables people to ‘dream’ of full rights for all their brothers and sisters, as Martin Luther King Jr sought to do”. For the Pope, that “dream continues to inspire us all” because it awakens “what is deepest and truest in the life of a people”. And, as he has done on many other occasions, he emphasized that these kinds of dreams are not an end in themselves but “lead to action, to participation, to commitment.”  …………..

As the Pope wrote in his Message for World Peace Day 2017, Martin Luther King Jr achieved successes against racial discrimination which “will never be forgotten.”

The way this success has been achieved matters just as much as the results themselves. “The decisive and consistent practice of nonviolence,” wrote Pope Francis, “has produced impressive results.”

On the contrary, as he stated at the General Audience this Wednesday morning, turning his thoughts to what is happening across the Atlantic, “nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost.”

https://www.catholicjhb.org.za/ad-news/  for the June 2020 AdNews



The Angelus

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pray at 6am, noon and 6pm. Alternatively, download the Angelus App (set the times that you would like to be reminded in settings):
Angelus App on Android      Praying the Angelus by Magnificat  on iphones


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