4th Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Parish Bulletin

Regina Coeli

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pray at 6am, noon and 6pm. Alternatively, download the Angelus App (set the times that you would like to be reminded in settings):
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Mass Readings

May 2019

 Fri the 10th:Acts 9:1-20Ps 117:1-2John 6:52-59 
 Sat the 11th:Acts 9:31-42Ps 116:12-17John 6:60-69 
 Sun the 12th:Psalter IV, Easter Week 4. 
(Optional memorial of Nereus and Achilleus, martyrs.) 
(Optional memorial of Pancras, martyr.) 
Acts 13:14-52Ps 100:1-5Rev 7:9-17John 10:27-30 
 Mon the 13th:Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
Acts 11:1-18Ps 42:1-4John 10:14John 10:1-10 
 Tue the 14th:   Feast of Matthias, apostle
Acts 11:19-26Ps 87:1-7John 10:22-30 
 Wed the 15th:Optional memorial of Isidore
Acts 12:24-13:5Ps 67:1-8John 8:12John 12:44-50 
 Thu the 16th:Acts 13:13-25Ps 89:1-27Rev 1:5John 13:16-20 
 Fri the 17th:Acts 13:26-33Ps 2:6-11John 14:1-6 
 Sat the 18th:   Optional memorial of John I, pope and martyr
Acts 13:44-52Ps 98:1-4John 8:31-32John 14:7-14 
 Sun the 19th:Psalter I, Easter Week 5. 
Acts 14:21-27Ps 145:8-13Rev 21:1-5John 13:31-35 


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