All Saints’ Day 2019

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Well, we can’t stop you from observing Halloween… but instead of dressing up your children as monsters, dress them up as angels or saints instead! Here are some reasons why you should observe Halloween the Catholic way:

1. IT IS A CATHOLIC CELEBRATION. In a nutshell, Halloween (“All Hallow’s Eve” or “All Hallow-Even”) is a Catholic celebration in honor of all the saints, those who have been faithful to the Lord. It is observed on October 31, the eve (vigil) of the Solemnity of All Saints (November 1).

• Nota bene: Its origins as a Celtic celebration being #Christianized warrants a lengthy discussion. It is also a subject of much discussion even today. You may read about it in the articles we’ve suggested below! ?

2. TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO ADMIRE HOLINESS. It is commendable to teach our children about the goodness and holiness of Saints instead of the demonic or the diabolic, so that they will be inspired by the former instead of the latter. Let them grow up with faith in God, not just fear of the devil.

3. TO CELEBRATE GOD’S VICTORY OVER SATAN. The celebration of Jesus’ triumph over His enemies, the fallen rebel angels, is a way of teaching our children that God is supreme and triumphant, and it is goodness, not evil, that should be admired and celebrated.

4. TO AVOID ATTRACTING THE DEMONIC. This is important. Exorcists have often pointed this out. The celebration of the demonic is a tribute to their self-perceived greatness. Led by Satan, they are fallen angels who rebelled against God and they seek to bring us to hell with them. This celebration of the demonic invites them to come to our lives. There are so many openings through which they can disrupt our lives. Let us stick with God instead!

5. TO PREACH THE FAITH TO OTHERS. This is a great opportunity for your children to be little preachers! Those who may have been away from the Church for some time now may be reminded of their faith once they see how adorable your young saints are!

More than just Halloween costumes and parades, St Paul gives us advise on what to wear everyday: “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” (Ephesians 6:11)

All you saints in heaven, pray for us!

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