Ascension Sunday

Parish Bulletin


The last gesture of our Lord on earth was to give a blessing.

On seeing the risen Christ, the disciples fell down before Him as their Master and their God and worshipped Him. Now they are much more conscious of what they had for some time believed in their hearts and confessed with their lips: that their Master was the Messiah.

With the Ascension, Christ’s earthly mission comes to a close, and ours, as His disciples, begins.

Jesus wishes each one of us to remain in his place, sanctifying the world from within, improving it and placing it at the feet of God. Only thus will the world be a place where human dignity is valued and respected, a place where men live in peace, in true peace, the peace which is so closely linked to God.

Today’s feast reminds us that our concern for souls is a response to a command of love given to us by our Lord. As He goes up to Heaven, Jesus sends us out as His witnesses throughout the whole world.
Our responsibility is great, because to be Christ’s witness implies first of all that we should try to behave according to His doctrine, that we should struggle to make our actions remind others of Jesus and His most lovable personality. Jesus departs, but He remains close to each of us. In a special way we find Him in the Tabernacle. Let us tell Him that He can count on us to make known His teaching everywhere we go.

The Apostles returned to Jerusalem in the company of Mary. With her they awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Regina Coeli

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Mass Readings

June 2019

 Sun the 2nd:Psalter III, Easter Week 7. 
(Optional memorial of Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs.) 
Acts 7:55-60Ps 97:1-9Rev 22:12-20John 17:20-26
Glorious mysteries
 Mon the 3rd:   Memorial of Charles Lwanga and companions, martyrs
Acts 19:1-8Ps 68:1-7Col 3:1John 16:29-33
Joyful mysteries
 Tue the 4th:Acts 20:17-27Ps 68:10-21John 14:16John 17:1-11 
Sorrowful mysteries
 Wed the 5th:   Memorial of Boniface, bishop and martyr
Acts 20:28-38Ps 68:29-36John 17:11-19
Glorious mysteries
 Thu the 6th:Optional memorial of Norbert, bishop
Acts 22:30, 23:6-11Ps 16:1-11John 17:20-26
Luminous mysteries
 Fri the 7th:Acts 25:13-21Ps 103:1-20John 14:26John 21:15-19 
Sorrowful mysteries
 Sat the 8th:Vigil of Solemnity of Pentecost. 
Pentecost Vigil Readings: Gen 11:1-9 or Exod 19:3-8, 16-20 or Ezek 37:1-14 or Joel 3:1-5Ps 104:1-35Rom 8:22-27John 7:37-39
Morning Mass Readings: Acts 28:16-31Ps 11:4-7John 16:7-13John 21:20-25
Joyful mysteries


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