Catholic Schools Sunday


Today, as Catholic Schools we join with the Church in celebrating the Solemnity of the Ascension of our Lord and Catholic Schools Sunday. In our schools and in our homes we might feel tempted to stand looking up at the sky as the disciples did thinking that they had lost Jesus forever.


But we haven’t lost Jesus at all. On the contrary he is closer to each of us than we are to ourselves. It means, Jesus never leaves us no matter what deep and wrenching sorrows may come to each of us when we lose a loved one, when we are overcome by ignorance, violence, crimes, abuse and all sorts of other miseries that shake us to the core.


Jesus is with us knowing how we feel. He is always there; nothing can take away His presence inside our heart and soul. As members of the Catholic schools community we are called to live by the Values of Christ so others will know Jesus’s touch through us and in how we live His presence in the Ethos of our schools.

We are called to a greater awareness of our situation and to an awareness of that of all others.


The church has dedicated this year to those in Consecrated Life. Hence, we are celebrating the Founders of Catholic Schools acknowledging the pilgrimage journey that they undertook to establish Catholic Schools. Many times it was a difficult journey of personal hardships with an uncertain future but they always had Jesus as their guide and centre. The Gospel message inspired these courageous Founders to leave their home and country to spread the Word of God by educating and caring for many young people and to serve.


Catholic Schools are called to serve. To serve is an integral element of Jesus’ mission in the Gospels and in our schools we are called to serve parents, teachers, learners, community and the wider world.


Our schools encourage our young people to strive for personal excellence in all they do while learning to respect the dignity of every human person. There is a vast diversity of children and teachers within the network and there is a school to suit every child. The cost of a Catholic school education varies greatly from school to school. To obtain a place for your child in a Catholic school you need to apply well in advance. Not all our Catholic schools are full.


In their pastoral letter and statement on Catholic education, the Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa called on all members of the Catholic community to value our schools, and encouraged Catholic parents to send their children to Catholic schools. The bishops urged parents to be actively involved in school life, by supporting and promoting the vision of education on which our schools are founded.

We encourage you to contact the schools in your area or look them up on the Catholic Schools Office website.


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