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Why Catholic Season 3 is due to start on Monday, 04 September 2016.

The theme is The Profession of Faith – What we Believe. 

Why Catholic overview

Why Catholic Books are available in the repository at R40,00, and each SCC is expected to have a copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Inviting old and new Catholics, Leaders and Members of Sodalities, Youth, Young Adults, Catechism Teachers, Members of Liturgy Committee and all.

Come Get Answers to Questions You Were Afraid to Ask!!!

Have you ever asked yourself  “Why am I  a Catholic?” Has anyone else ever asked you this?

Are your reasons clear to you?

Have they changed over the years?   have they deepened?

Has being a Catholic helped you to understand the Word of God? And  equally important , has it made an impact on how you live your life? Are you a Doer of the Word as well as a Hearer?

In  our constantly changing world, with increasing interactions with people of other faiths ( or no faith)  NOW is a good time to take stock and find your own answers to these very important questions.

You are invited to  either form a group  with friends and family or join others in the parish to meet weekly for 6 weeks using the booklet “Why Catholic” available from the repository for R40. In addition the group can buy the Catechism of the Catholic Church  which is the resource on which the programme is based.

So don’t miss this opportunity to ask and answer that all important question “Why Catholic?” and if you need further information please call Marumagae Moshe at 0827868588.


God of love and father of all, we,
the people of Johannesburg,
are your family embraced by your
love. You call us into the fullness of
life through Jesus Christ your son.
Unify us now
as we strive together
to create a world where truth and
justice find a home.
Fill us with your holy Spirit
so that we may be empowered to
live in your likeness.

Help us to be :
a community of love and
a community of hope and welcome;
a community of prayer and action.

Renew us in Spirit as we recommit
ourselves to your loving service.

Grant this through Christ our Lord,






3rd Sunday every month is to be a Renew Africa mass

Members are invited to welcome other parishioners to church by greeting them and handing them the Link.

Thembi and Samuel at the RENEW AFRICA table at the Parish EXPO

expo1 expo2 

Small Christian Communities in the Church in Africa Today

RENEW Africa is a dynamic, engaging process for the spiritual renewal of parishes, built on the faith experiences of Africans in their daily lives, and centered on faith sharing within small Christian communities.

RENEW Africa invites communities to pray, reflect on Scripture, deepen communion with one another and with Christ, and to reach out in service to others as an essential expression of their faith. Training sessions encourage the development of new lay leadership, so essential to becoming a truly self-sustaining church.

RENEW Africa is designed to help participants experience the rhythm of a vibrant faith life-cycle-celebrating Sunday Eucharist, responding to the call to love and serve, gathering as small communities reflecting on Scripture and returning to Sunday Eucharist-enabling parishes to become a communion of communities united in the Lord.

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