International Day- 27th October

The Parish Pastoral council has scheduled an International Day here at Maryvale on the 27th of October 2013 after the 9.00am mass which will be the only Community mass on the day

International Day at Maryvale is a social event organised by the parish primarily to bring parishioners together within a social atmosphere to interact with one another, and also to raise funds. It serves as a vivid example of the rich diversity of our Church which has at its heart unity in Christ.

In recent years it has been replaced by the Chicken braai .which for various reasons will not take place this year. However we do not want to drop the tradition of a Family Fun(d) Raising Day  year, so we have decided to revive the International Day which is traditionally held in the car park in front of the Philip Erasmus casino online centre.

The idea is to represent as many countries, cultures or language groups as possible in the church grounds. Each of these groups can choose to host a stall to show case/exhibit their food, clothing, tradition or anything relevant that identifies the nation or group. The contents are normally donated or sponsored by the groups and sold to raise funds.

The organising committee of the International day is responsible for preparing the grounds and the stalls for each group with the assistance of group representatives. Each nationality, culture or language is asked to nominate a representative/leader for this event.

Below is the list of possible groups………. please be so kind to approach the organizing committee if  you are willing to assist and also to let us know if your country, culture or language is not represented below, in which case you may be willing to take it up.

The Organizing Committee:

Contact Ike at  [email protected]


South AfricaNigeriaItalyPortugal
United KingdomDemocratic Republic of CongoFrancophone Counties of Africa





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