Mary’s Visitation as a Model for Evangelists

For us who have a fire in our bones to evangelize and make Christ known and loved, there are certain feast days of the Church that add fuel to that fire and connect its energy to the missionary zeal of the first Christians. Today’s celebration of Mary’s visitation to Elizabeth is surely one of those feasts. Why? Because the story connects us to our Blessed Mother who was the first to share the Good News about her Son and who teaches us how to evangelize by presence, action, and word. First and most importantly, Mary is the first evangelist because she carries within her the presence of Christ. Long before the Church gave her the title, at that moment of encounter with Elizabeth, she is the Theotokos, the “God bearer,” because of the presence of the Word made flesh in her womb. Long before St Paul declared “it is no…
Source: Word on Fire Blog


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