Maryvale Christmas and Holy Family 2020

A Christmas Message From Fr. Tony

The Covid -19 pandemic rages on & is harming everything & everyone – Do protect yourself as best as you can. We do not yet know how far this pandemic will go on & how long it will last & how much more damage it will cause, so there is great uncertainty & insecurity concerning the present & the future – Do not panic, do not despair & do not lose hope. Know that God is & is fully in charge & in control. A God for whom nothing is impossible or for whom everything is possible. A God who always acts in mighty ways eg. God created the Universe & God sent His most beloved Son to us in Human nature for Humanity’s good & salvation.

When humanity has learnt it’s lessons & been purified & humbled & is ready for a new future God will act to bring this noxious pandemic to an end. The people of God continues to remember & celebrate & hope in God’s mighty intervention for humanity’s good & salvation.

Wishing You and All A Blessed Christmas and A Hopeful New Year

Due to the 11pm curfew the Nativity of the Lord evening service has been changed to Carol singing from 8h00pm followed by Mass at 8h30pm




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