Meet Mary in Prayer

April 18, 2015

Deepen your appreciation of and devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary and her role in our lives and the life of the Church. Mary, the mother of Jesus, has been revered since the earliest days of the Church. Over the centuries, her example has inspired Christians to imitate her by saying “yes” to God’s call in their own lives. Mary’s faithfulness, as it is portrayed in the Gospel narratives, is a model of the prayerful kind of

life Jesus calls us to. Scripture, Catholic teaching, personal testimonies, and Marian prayer—including the rosary—provide a renewed appreciation of Mary’s place in today’s world, where she, as always, points the way to Christ. Seven sessions on the life and mystery of Mary to enrich your prayer life

  1. ‘Here am I’
  2. ‘According to your word’
  3. ‘Here is your mother’
  4. ‘Do whatever he tells you’
  5. ‘Who is my family?’
  6. ‘All were filled with the Holy Spirit’
  7. Mother of the church

JOIN A SMALL FAITH-SHARING COMMUNITY for seven sessions to encounter Mary in prayer and meet new friends in our parish. We start the first week in May. SMALL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES ARE FORMING NOW! For more information, please contact your parish Priest, your Parish RENEW Africa groups (Marumagae Moshe 082 786 8588)


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