Parish Expo.

Sometimes the complaint is heard-” I come to church every Sunday but I don’t know anyone ” It is often particularly hard for newcomers, The fact of the matter is that we want to feel as if we are a part of a community, we

also have to participate in the life of the community. We however are all different and have different interests, and talents and lifestyles and we need to find a group that meets our needs and allows us to express our talents if we want to develop a real sense of belonging. Gone are the days (we hope!) when coming to church on Sunday was primarily to ensure we did not fall into sin and was an act of duty!! The parish is home to many vibrant groups and ministries that cater to a wide variety of interests and service, and those who participate enjoy a sense of belonging to “our church”. Every now and again it is important that we share this with each other and that is why the PPC has organised a Parish Expo this weekend; so that everyone can come and familiarise themselves with what is happening in the parish and identify areas of service that they would like to participate in. We look forward to a good turnout! Come and drink a cup of tea or coffee and meet the Parish!! Ultimately we hope ” to be known as Christians by our love”


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