Parish Pastoral Council Elections

We are about to embark on the process of bringing together a new PPC that will serve our parish for the next three years – so let us understand what this is all about.

According to the PPC Statutes of the Archdiocese, each parish shall have a Parish Pastoral Council to facilitate proper consultation and common action in matters concerning religious formation and pastoral action in the parish.

The overriding purpose and concern of the PPC is the renewal of the People of God in the parish according to the mind of the Second Vatican Council and to ensure unity and harmony in the parish.

Who qualifies to be elected to the PPC?

Any baptized, confirmed Catholic who receives the Sacraments and has shown sound morals and who participates in parish activities – and is 21 years of age and above. The person needs to be willing to serve the three year term of office, commit time, talent and wisdom and be willing to work harmoniously with the Parish Priest and other members. The potential candidate should not already have served two terms without a break of at least three years.

The membership of the PPC needs to be truly representative of the parish as a whole.

Choosing the representatives who will make up the Parish Council will be done step-by-step.

Firstly the existing groupings in the parish will each elect their own representative from their own members. Secondly the broader parish will nominate potential candidates and through the election process choose another 6 members to represent them. These will be the 6 candidates who receive the highest number of votes. The representatives from the parish groups together with the 6 elected members will form the Parish Council. This Council will then choose the Executive Committee.

During the next few weeks the existing groupings will be choosing their representatives and these will be presented to the parish on the weekend of 9th/10th April 2016. After this we will call for nominations from the broader parish.


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