Trinity Sunday Year C

Trinity Sunday – Year C. Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “The Same Message from The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”.  The three biblical passages that we read today aid our reflections on the identity of the Christian God. It is not enough to state that one believes in God, it is more important to know … [Read more…]

Pentecost Sunday Year C.

Pentecost Sunday  – Year C. Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “Empowered By The Spirit”. The first reading and the Gospel present the descent of the Spirit. It is the same event presented differently. The teachings of Luke and John complement each other and inform us that the Spirit is the ‘new Law’, the force that … [Read more…]

7th Sunday of Easter Year C

7th Sunday of Easter – Year C. Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “I Pray That You May All Be One”. The first reading shows us that the martyrdom of Stephen is modeled on the death of Jesus. His stoning, the first death of a disciple, is the paradigm for how followers should face the end, … [Read more…]

6th Sunday of Easter C:

Commentary Theme for 6th Sunday of Easter – Year C. “The Spirit Will Introduce To All Who Wish To Listen, To The Full Truth”. We read in the Gospel the promise of Jesus to send us the Spirit, entrusting him with the task of leading the Christians, of teaching and reminding them of all that … [Read more…]

5th Sunday of Easter C

5th Sunday of Easter – Year C. Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “The New Commandment, The New World, The New Community ”.  The theme of this Sunday is about the “New”. The Gospel is telling us about the “New Commandment”.  The second reading presents the “New World” that will rise at the end of time … [Read more…]

4th Sunday of Easter : C

Commentary Theme for 4th Sunday of Easter  – Year C.  “Jesus The Shepherd, We The Sheep Of His Flock”. The shepherd is the one who walks at the head of his flock to show the safe ‘way’ leading to pastures and to the springs of fresh water. Jesus is the only  ‘True Shepherd’. His ‘way’, … [Read more…]

3rd Sunday of Easter: C

Commentary Theme for 3rd Sunday of Easter – Year C. “The Word Of The Risen Lord Guides The Christian Community”. The Risen Christ now lives with the Father, but he has not abandoned his disciples. He continues to be present and directs our lives and work through his Word. Whenever the Christian communities follow his … [Read more…]

2nd Sunday of Easter Year C

Commentary Theme for 2nd Sunday of Easter Year C “The Community Animated By The Word Is The Proof That Christ Is Alive”. The Gospel tells us that our faith is not founded on scientific “proof”, but on listening every Sunday to the word of the ‘Risen One’, who is present among us gathered together as … [Read more…]

Easter Sunday: Year C

Commentary Theme for Easter Sunday – Year C: “The Victory Of Life”. Easter is the height of our religious celebrations because it represents the ultimate breakthrough – from death to new life. No such breakthrough had ever occurred before. Now it has. Jesus has risen from the dead. In the Easter light, and in that … [Read more…]

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord ; C

Commentary Theme for Palm and Passion Sunday : Year C. “Nobody Ever Loved As Much As He Did.” For Jesus “to love” means, “to lower oneself”. He descended from his divine condition and became man, living with the poorest among people, reaching all the way down to the least of all. This is the theme … [Read more…]