Photos of Paschal Supper

The Paschal Supper which was hosted by the Charismatic Group  and led by Bernadette Chellew  on Tuesday 17th April ( coinciding  with the second Kodak C143 003day of the Jewish Passover) was very successful. More than 120 people attended and had the opportunity to appreciate how much of the mass as we know it is rooted in the ancient jewish prayers that formed such an integral part of the Jew’s awareness of their deliverance from Slavery, and which for us highlights our own salvation from bondage of Sin by Christ’s offering himself as the Paschal Victim.

The experience helped us  see the role of Liturgy more clearly, which is part of our ongoing formation in growing as a caring and appreciative eucharistic community. The sharing of the load of preparing the meal also gave opportunity to participate more fully in the life of the parish. Please enjoy more photos in the Photo Gallery


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