Presentation of Parish Mission and Vision

The Parish Pastoral Council has been workshopping  a Parish Mission and Vision statement that  reflects the aspirations and direction that the parish can take in the coming 2 years of the PPC’s remaining mandate and the results of this were shared with the parish at all masses on the weekend of the 8-9th March by the Chair and vice-chairpersons, Marie Waspe and Refilwe Matapela.

The Church’s mission is to bring the Gospel to the people, and  by virtue of our Baptism each one of us is called to live the Gospel. Through sharing Liturgical life and mutual support for one another we are strengthened to live Gospel centred lives dedicated to spiritual growth and social commitment. This is articulated in  Our Mission by the following statement:

‘To live the Gospel through Liturgy, Participation, Ongoing Formation and Social Justice so that we, the parishioners of Maryvale become the “Salt of the Earth” and “a Light to the World”’

This Mission is an expression of a broader Vision that inspires us and underpins our aspirations expressed as.

 Maryvale Parish – a Eucharistic Community growing together in Love, Care, Joy, Understanding and Active participation”

We see a Eucharistic community where we come together – a church of people – as the people of God; by coming together to celebrate Eucharist we are transformed, just as the consecrated bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ without changing outward appearance; by standing and approaching Holy Communion, I publicly commit myself to step into a holy community;  it is a commitment to consider all people as holy, all people as noble and all reality as impregnated with the presence of God

To make a vision turn into reality is a challenge – we need to grow in understanding of what a Eucharistic community means – what our role is – what our responsibilities are – we invite you to join in this journey .

The intention is that each  grouping in the parish will look at themselves in the light of this Mission and Vision and identify their particular contribution to the greater whole.

Your comments and participation are most welcome!!!



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