Baptisms take place in the church at 12 noon on the first Sunday of each month. Parents are required to give three months notice of their intention to baptise their child or children. Parents are also required to attend a baptism preparation course which takes place at 12 noon on the second and third Sundays in the month prior to the baptism date. These preparation courses are held in the church itself.

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Holy Communion

First Communion

The celebration of First Holy Communion for children traditionally takes place in this parish on the Feast of Christ the King (in November) at the 10.30am Mass. Schoolgoing children are required to attend catechism classes for three years, on Saturday mornings during school terms, in preparation for this sacrament. Children are normally in Grade 3 at the time of reception.

Communion for the Sick

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the  parish priest  Fr Petrus Shiya  in this ministry, bringing Holy Communion to the sick at home, in hospital and in retirement homes. Contact Mrs Jean Seaward, or the parish office for further information.

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Anointing of the Sick

Fr Petrus should be contacted through the parish office, or to administer this sacrament, or you can complete the contact form.

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Sacrament of Reconciliation

First Confession

By arrangement with the parish priest, and the Catechism teachers.
If your child is attending Catechism classes at the parish, they will make their First Confession with their class.


Click here for times of Confession.

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Confirmation of teenagers within the parish usually takes place   on the vigil of Pentecost.   High School candidates are required to attend a preparation course spanning three years, normally culminating in Confirmation in Grade 10. Our courses are during school terms: on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 8pm (held in the Parish Centre). Candidates in the third year of preparation are also required to attend a weekend retreat as part of their preparation.

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For further information…

…on the various catechism classes, and for contact details, click here.


The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in this parish requires notice of six months. Engaged couples are required to attend a marriage preparation course.  Contact the parish office for more information.

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