Second Sunday of Lent 2022

Parish Bulletin



The Synod of Bishops (Re: The Synod on Synodality) is trying to answer this one fundamental question.


All Catholic Communities/Parishes are asked to help do this personal (individual) and ecclesial (collective) discernment by prayerfully listening to the Holy SpiritNot to Human voices! 

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Friday after Mass (18h00) 18h45 Stations of the Cross

18 March’22 at 18h45 – Proclaimers

25 March’22 at 18h45 – Ushers

01 April’22 at 18h45 – EMHC’S

08 April’22 at 18h45 – Catechists

15 April’22(Good Friday) at 10h00 – Evangelization

LITURGICAL GROUP CO-ORDINATOR Please take Note of the date and time your group is on duty for the Stations of the Cross. Find suitable people preferably (two?) to help Father. Please get the Stations script from Father

Please be aware there is a 2nd collection thru ’out Lent (Bishops Lenten Appeal please be generous!)

ADULT CATECHESIS – The Virtues (Part One)

1833 – Virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to do good.

1834 – Human virtues governs our actions, disciplines our emotions and guides our behaviour in accordance with good reason and faith. The human virtues can be grouped under four main virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance.

1835 – Prudence helps one to discern the true good and to choose the right means for achieving it.

1836 – Justice is the firm and constant resolve to give God and neighbour their rightful dues.

1837 – Fortitude ensures firmness in difficulties and firmness in the pursuit of the good.

1838 – Temperance moderates the desire for and pursuit of pleasures and of material things.

1839 – The moral virtues grow through education, practice and perseverance in struggle. Divine grace purifies and increases them.


1000 HAIL MARYS – A SUPER ROSARY on the 26 MAR ’22 Starting with Holy Mass at 07h00 – 15h15pm RSVP: Mathabo 073 190 3585, Shiro 063 856 7967 & Limenako 082 832 7499. Participants advised to go to confession ahead of the main day this is a fasting retreat however light meals are recommended. Covid protocols will be observed at all times.


Download a digital copy of the ADNews here 

Download the Link, Maryvale Notices, and the digital bulletin by clicking the buttons below, as well as a Lenten booklet by Clement Harrold and the Maryvale 2022 Evangelization Program


The Angelus

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pray at 6am, noon and 6pm. Alternatively, download the Angelus App (set the times that you would like to be reminded in settings):
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