Thanksgiving Mass

Our Annual Parish Thanksgiving Mass is coming up soon on the 6th December- a highlight on the Church Calendar when our community with all its diverse rich components of age, culture, language comes together at a single mass to joyfully give thanks  and bring offerings to God for all the blessings bestowed during the year.   This is a liturgical celebration where the various components have been carefully put together to express the experience of all the groups  as an unified  group of parishioners.

The Planning Committee has summarised the most important elements  of the Thanksgiving  celebration:



These are the line up for the procession so far though we still hope to get more groups to be involved.

Zimbabwian community

Nigerian community

South African community

Zambian community

Childrens Ministry


Men’s forum

Women’s forum


After the Liturgical celebration of the Mass there will be a Parish luncheon for all to share.



Food shall be serve at the bottom field of the college since we realized that the hall was small for the parishioners last year, so the planning committee has workout plans to use the bottom field to serve.

The food will be donated by all parishioners and communities to enable us have lots of food that can take care of everyone. Communities are also donating cash to enable our caterers have enough to prepare food for the parishioners.   

                                          3) ENTERTAINMENT  

As food would be served, there would be a jumping castle for the kids to make sure we keep them busy and to keep the fun going.  Cold drink and beer will be available but it will be shared carefully to avoid people getting drunk.

                                         4) Liturgy

The liturgical part of the mass remains the same just that we may take a little more time due to the procession after which the mass will proceed.  We have also agreed to use the right side of the link to inform parishioners how the mass and procession will take place.


                                           5) CHILDREN

The Planning committee agreed that the  children should be inside the hall on the 6/12/15 and we organise teachers to assist so as to avoid them running around during mass.  They would come during the procession and go back to the hall through the front door. The choir would be in the loft to create space inside the church.



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