Thanksgiving Sunday

THANKSGIVING MASS on 7th December  at 9.00 am

The parish has celebrated a Thanksgiving mass for the past 2 years and this year we would like to make the 2014 Thanksgiving ceremony truly representative of ALL nations and persons present in our Maryvale parish.

Thanksgiving mass is a common practice in many countries throughout the world, sometimes known as a HARVEST THANKS GIVING MASS. In  Catholic Churches in the West and Central Africa  it is  normally celebrated during late November or the first week of December .

It is a rich joyful custom that we would like to share and make more widely known and practised, as well as adapt it for our own inclusive community.

This is a time where people come to the house of God to say Thank you for what God has done for them throughout the year, by giving something back to God for the upkeep of the church and the care of the poor as a sign of their individual AND collective gratitude.

So what is involved?   We are asking each person to reflect on what they are grateful for in this past year. Perhaps

  • Had a promotion at work,
  • Recovered from an illness
  • You survived a serious accident
  • A longed for child was born.
  • You bought a house.
  • Had success in an exam
  • Have a happy family life or
  • or anything else that is significant to you.

We would like to encourage you to do this as individuals as well as a family or as a member of a national group. Then, place a cash offering in the envelopes which will be available from this weekend onwards. Or you may also decide to collect food that you wish to bring to be given to those who are hungry.  These envelopes and the offerings will then be brought up by everybody in a joyful procession at our Thanksgiving Mass on Sunday 9th December at 9.00am, which will be the ONLY mass on the Sunday and we invite you to join us for a communal Bring and Share celebration in the parish Centre afterwards. Check with whatever group you belong to ensure that you are represented on the planning Committee or join on behalf of your group.

(Those who attend the Saturday evening mass, because they are unable to join us on Sunday are also asked to go through this exercise and contribute at the evening mass)

We all have something to be grateful to God for and this is a lovely way of expressing it as well as supporting our parish in a tangible way.

Contact details:  Nigeria: Emeka-0611480224

Zambia: Mirriam- 0836688138

Zimbabwe: Zanele- 0815166829

South Africa: Refilwe-0824693127

French Speaking Africa:  Emmanuel 0733607732


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