The Mystery of Our Lord’s Ascension

Today the Church throughout much of the United States celebrates a mysterious event called the Ascension of the Lord. As I have said, the Ascension of the Lord is mysterious, and as such, at times misunderstood. Many people have come to believe that the Ascension of the Lord is about how, at a certain point of time, the Lord Jesus disappeared from the planet, drifting off into the stratosphere, and from a place in the sky, he moved off into heaven, where he remains to this day—with us, but only at a distance. This mistaken perception has been reinforced by simplistic interpretations of the descriptions of the Ascension in the New Testament, which are using unusual language to describe an event that was really and truly experienced by the Apostles and disciples of the Lord Jesus. The language of that they use to describe this event is meant to indicate…
Source: Word on Fire Blog


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