“Why Catholic”

Why Catholic?” Programme

2 weeks ago we announced the Mission launch of the Why Catholic Programme on Thursday 27th August in the evening at 7.00 pm. and asked you to consider answering the question of  “Why am I a Catholic ?’ for yourself.

What sort of answers did you come up with?

Did you discover that you really wish you had a clearer picture?

  Our faith life is not a destination, it is a journey.  A journey , that constantly unfolds and opens up as we seek to understand  what our own role is in God’s plan for the world,  and how  our Catholic Faith can help and support us in that discovery. The First part of the programme will help us to explore  Christian Prayer and learn more about the mysteries of our Faith through deepening our experience of God.

So :

  1. Come to the Mission launch this coming Thursday evening at 7.00pm and get a taste of what this programme is trying to achieve.
  2. Identify people, either friends, or your own family or a parish group or sodality you belong to with whom you would like to form a small group to meet  with for 6 weeks .
  3. Buy a copy of the “Why Catholic” Booklet  from the repository and if possible a Catechism of the Catholic Church and begin an exciting journey to make your faith richer and a transforming power in your life and community.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday Evening 27th August at 7.00 pm and also to hearing from you how you wish to participate in this programme. If you cannot attend on Thursday, then  you can still make plans to begin to meet with a group from the 7th September for a 90 minute session  once a week for 6 weeks!

Call Marumagae Moshe for further information and assistance: 082 786 8588



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