Why have an International Day?

The parish is busy organising an International Day for Sunday 27th October as a way of celebrating  the human richness of our parish, as well as an expression of the value of Community which is a cornerstone of our  Christian faith.  During Renew Africa Season 3 we are looking at our gifts and how we use them in our families, parish and Society so that our faith is a living vibrant reality. “They will know we are Christians by our love”. However we can only meaningfully love those whom we know, and the International Day provides an opportunity to get to know each other; to experience the food , artefacts,  music,  and traditions of our wide range of communities in a fun atmosphere with the shared ideal of raising funds to support initiatives that build our parish resources to meet future needs. Various groups are already busy with plans for stalls to showcase the following  Nationalities.  There are firm commitments from, Nigeria, Italy, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Germany, South Africa, Cameroon, India, DRC Congo, Kenya and hopefully, Portugal, Britain ( England/   Scotland/Wales) China,  Malawi, Mozambique, Ireland, Swaziland,  Burundi /Uganda are all making good progress with their plans. There is still time for others to volunteer within the next 2 weeks by speaking to Ike Igbo on 0834160444.

The programme begins with a Parish Mass at 9.00 where the international elements are incorporated into the Liturgy. From 10h30 onwards there will be a programme of Entertainment  _ (Marimba Band- National Music- Dance Exhibitions- Choirs- Live Band etc.) whilst people have an opportunity to visit the various stalls and buy their wares and mingle and  meet other parishioners.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful day with you if the spirit of co-operation , helpfulness and creativity that is evident in the steering committee is anything to go by!!


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